Thursday, November 25, 2010


Dulu, ketika aku di bawah

Hatiku dan tindakanku sering memberontak

Arahan pimpinanku sering kupersoal

Mengapa begini bukan begitu

Mengapa aku bukan mereka

Sedang bukan aku tidak punyai masa

Bukan aku tidak punya upaya

Cuma aku yg tegar

Enggan membuka pintu hatiku

Untuk cuba memahami dan mengerti

Erti sebuah amanah

Erti sebuah tanggungjawab


Tetapi kini

Pabila aku berada di atas

Baru kumengerti sedalam-dalamnya

Mengapa begitu bukan begini

Mengapa aku bukan mereka


Ketika kucuba menjelaskan pada mereka

Kudapat melihat mereka persis diriku dahulu

Yang teragak-agak mahu berkorban

Yang berkira-kira mahu menyumbang

Sedang aturannya

Jika kita ikhlas, ganjarannya bukan sedikit

Tuhan juga sedang menilai

Adakah kita turut sama memberi sesuatu untuk agamaNya


Justeru aku kan terus menyeru

Pada mereka pada semua

Satukan hati kita

Kerna kuyakini dengan hadaf perjuangan ini

Bukakan hatimu kawan

Lapangkan dadamu rakan

Hulurkan tanganmu pegang erat tanganku

Mari bersama kita meniti perjalanan ini

Biar payah, itu fitrah

Kita sentiasa saling menguatkan

Jika ada yang rebah, jangan tergugah

Kerana ada seribu tangan sudi membahumu dari belakang

Yakinlah dengan janjiNya


Mengapa kukatakan ini semua padamu??

Kerana masa depan Islam tercinta ini

Tergalas di atas bahu aku dan kamu!

by : Nurul Hafiza Mohd Azmi, Tahun 3 Perubatan Conventional, Universiti Mansurah , Egypt

Thursday, October 28, 2010

rindu si kecil

special post utk husna--- rindu nak main ngn hibriyah... =p

Friday, July 23, 2010

ragam ammu

S : ammu...bikam kullu?(pakcik...brape semua ni?)

Ammu : *&^%$*#$ geneh...lakin mafish shantah...(LE %^&*(*& xde plastik)

S : leyh?tigarah kabir giddan lakin mafish shantah?(knp?kedai besar tp xde plastik?)

em...i realized that i'm in egypt...
u cannot expect anything that unexpected...

tapi....beli sapu tangan sebyk lebih 20 helai dan setebal 2X buku Campbell tu bahaya kalau kluar dari kedai macam tu je

boleh dituduh pencuri....orang lain xkan percaya kalau kite cakap kedai Omar Effendi xde plastik nak bungkus barang2 yang kite beli...

akhirnye...plastik bungkus baju jugak yang jadi mangsa...

ragam2 ammu kat egpyt ni...boleh buat orang tersenyum..
yg penting jgn gaduh2 / kutuk BERTEGAS...

Friday, June 18, 2010

..::can stress cause weight gain?beware!! ::..

By Anisa Abeytia

Integrative Health Specialist- Dubai

You hear it all the time, "don't eat that or you'll get fat" or "if you don't exercise, you're going to gain weight." The foods we eat or lack of exercise are most commonly associated with gaining weight. You would be hard pressed to find someone saying, "You better calm down or you're never going to lose all that weight." But the truth is that stress can and does make you fat.

The model of weight gain that most people are familiar with has to do with consuming too many calories. This model is still relevant for us when we talk about stress, but stress adds a twist to this. When we are under stress, especially prolonged stress (physical, emotional or environmental) our body's chemistry is changed. This change leads to unhealthy cravings for sweet and salty foods.

Why Salty and Sweet?

Modern humans have come up with new and unique ways of stressing themselves out. In the past, major stressors consisted of events such as food shortage, illness, pregnancy/child rearing, physical work, exposure to the elements and war. These events typically were not everyday experiences and our response was straightforward. Also, these events ended and we had time to recover. This is in addition to the fact that people in the past were very physically active.

Today we have traffic, cell phones, deadlines, noise pollution, picking the children up from school, degenerative diseases, loneliness, depression, war without end and each other to stress over. Physically we are not adapted to deal with all of this daily stress. Add to that, the fact that many people today are physically inactive and have poor diets and this is nothing less than a recipe for an expanding waistline.

Instead of reducing stressors, using stress reducing techniques or changing our response to stress (reframing), the tendency is to keep going and to self medicate using food. But why food?

The adrenal glands are responsible for our ability to adapt and cope with stress, but when we over burden them, they want a pick me up. Salt feeds the adrenal glands and sugar whips them (as does caffeine). These foods are the whip and the adrenal glands are the horse. This will keep a person going for a while, but these food cravings and the body's own chemistry will not only cause weight gain, but it can also cause all types of health issues as well.

Adrenaline, Cortisol and Serotonin

Adrenaline does not last long in the body and we quickly feel the "crash" after a "rush". This is when the food cravings set in.
Many times most of the stress we are experiencing is self-inflicted. Either we are doing too much or our response to stress is unhealthy. There is only so much one can do in one day, but many people have become addicted to that "rush" they feel when they are very busy. This "rush" is caused by adrenaline or epinephrine produced by the adrenal glands in response to stress and is intended to give us the energy to fight or run away (fight or flight).

Along with the production of adrenaline, the body will also produce cortisol. Slow acting cortisol can cause the most trouble. Adrenaline does not last long in the body and we quickly feel the "crash" after a "rush". This is when the food cravings set in.

The over abundance of cortisol can cause havoc on our blood sugar levels and can even contribute to causing diabetes. Also, the longer this process goes on, the harder it will be for the body to recover from this "rush" and "crash" cycle.

The other player in this scenario is serotonin. This neuro-transmitter works in the brain to keep our mood elevated. A common side effect of low serotonin is depression. Serotonin also helps us cope with stress, but can easily become depleted when we are under prolonged stress.

We need to replenish our supplies of serotonin from our diet, so if our diet is low in serotonin abundant foods and high in stress, sugar is a substitute, although a poor and short lived one. A lack of serotonin can cause food cravings. There are also people that do not produce enough serotonin.

What Can You Do?Stress Obesity

- Eat before you are hungry

You can accomplish this by snacking on healthy foods. It is difficult to curb cravings when you are hungry. Once you reach the level of hunger, you are more likely to grab the easiest thing than the right type of food.

- Snack on healthy foods

A good snack contains a protein, a fat and a complex carbohydrate (whole grain). It can be cheese and crackers, celery and nut butter (almond, peanut, or cashew), or a bowl of yogurt with fruit and nuts. Have an afternoon and a morning snack.

- Eat foods rich in tryptophan (converts to serotonin)

Tryptophan is an amino acid (found in protein foods). To boost your levels, eat protein rich foods like chicken, turkey, nuts, cheeses and beans.

- Eat at regular times

Just like us, our bodies do better on a regular schedule. Have your breakfast within an hour of waking up. Have your lunch between 12-1 p.m. and dinner before 6 p.m.

- Drink Water

Stress is a dehydrating experience. Most people under stress also drink large amounts of coffee, tea and soda, all of which are diuretics and add to the body’s need for more water.

- Choose whole grains

Whole Grains help regulate the blood sugar, keep us full longer and provide us with long lasting fuel for our brain and body. They also contain high amounts of the B vitamins that are quickly depleted in times of stress. The B vitamins help us cope with stress better.

- Do not bring sweets into the house

If you don’t have them, you can’t eat them-problem solved. If you find yourself making special trips to the store to satisfy your sweet tooth, then you know you have a problem with sugar.

- Sleep and rest

During times of stress, your body needs time to rest and recover. Stress can drain you physically, mentally and emotionally. Depending on the individual, the amount of sleep and rest required will vary.

- Exercise

Exercise does not necessarily mean a physically strenuous activity. Over doing exercise is also a stressor. You be the judge on what type of exercise you find enjoyable and you can also consult with a physical trainer.

Read more:

Anisa Abeytia, B.A. USC , M.A., Stanford is an integrative health specialist currently pursuing a M.S. in Holistic Nutrition. Over the past ten years Anisa has pursued various fields of holistic and traditional medicine

Want to be Closer to Allah, But ...

Want to be Closer to Allah, But Don't Know How!

By Raya Shokatfard

Editor in Chief—

In many Islamic circles or presentations, I am asked a similar question from my brothers and sisters: "I want to get closer to Allah, but don't know how; or I don't have the power to do it. Sometimes I can succeed in getting close to Him when I spend time with pious friends who are affecting me, but when they are no longer around, I lose that closeness. I become powerless."

Allah, the Exalted is the Best to respond to this concern:

(When My servants ask thee concerning Me, I am indeed close (to them): I listen to the prayer of every suppliant when he calls on Me: let them also, with a will, listen to My call, and believe in Me: that they may walk in the right way.) (Al-Baqarah 2:186)

As Muslims, we believe in the Word of Allah, then should we not believe in the above verse? Of course we want to believe, but what truly keeps us from believing it in our hearts and feeling it when we make supplications?

If we can imagine there is a beautiful scenery in front of us, but there is also a curtain or veil between us and the scene. We can have a glimpse of the beauty on the other side, but not all. We want to see it all, but we keep sitting in our place and do not get up to move the curtain aside so we can have a full view.

Removing the veil or curtain takes the following efforts:

First, there must be a desire;

Second, the knowhow;

Third, keeping it open for full view at all times.

Sometimes people think of wanting to be close to Allah, but the desire is not strong enough. Faith is like a seed. It must be planted in fertile soil and watered. It is a process that would take time and determination.

To begin with, we must observe the most important duty Allah has prescribed to us,

Actions must lead to the cleansing of the heart of all that is displeasing to Allah. This might not be easy, especially for the younger generation.
which is devotion and worship. This is the first step for achieving closeness to Allah.

In a Qudsi hadith the Prophet reported that Allah says,

" servant does not come closer to Me with anything more dear to Me than that which I made obligatory upon him. My servant keeps coming closer to Me with more volunteer deeds, until I love him. When I love him, I become His ear by which he hears, his eyes by which he sees, his hand by which he holds and his foot by which he walks. If he asks Me anything I shall give him. If he seeks My protection I shall grant him My protection… "(Al-Bukhari 6021)

While performing correct worship, one must choose the way to piety and righteousness mentioned in the hadith; a major step of getting closer to Him the Almighty. The person who has taqwa or piety, is the one who is foremost in doing good and wants to be ahead of others in goodness.

(And the foremost are the foremost. These are they who are drawn nigh (to Allah). In the gardens of bliss.)(Al-Waqi`ah 56:10-12)

He remembers his humility in front of Allah, and knows he can call on Him with hope and fear. He desires much closeness to Him.

(Call on your Lord with humility and in private: for Allah loves not those who trespass beyond bounds. Do no mischief on the earth, after it hath been set in order, but call on Him with fear and longing (in your hearts): for the Mercy of Allah is (always) near to those who do good.) (Al-A`raf 7:55, 56)

Read more:

Raya Shokatfardis the Editor in Chief of Reading Islam website ( She has been an activist in promoting a better understanding of Islam and Muslims in the US for more than 20 years, and in Egypt for several years.She holds an M.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication as well as an M.A.D . in TV Journalism from the American University in Cairo.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

..::The Science Behind the Veil ::..

The moral duty of wearing the veil in Islam is an often-discussed topic among Muslim women. However, little has been written about scientific reasons that the veil is beneficial for society. There are, in fact, a number of health benefits that wearing the veil can provide, as well as many behavioral science studies that suggest that the veil is the best attire for women.

Protecting the head is very important from a health perspective. Results of medical tests show that 40-60% of body heat is lost through the head, so persons wearing head coverings during cold months are protected about fifty-percent more than those who do not.

Chinese and Muslim medical texts take this concept even further. In the Hua Di Nei Jing (The Yellow Emperor’s Classic on Internal Medicine), wind is said to cause sudden changes within the body, and shaking, swaying, and other movements that potentially upset the body’s equilibrium; thus, creating bad health. These texts attribute the common cold to wind elements entering the body and causing the typical symptoms of sneezing and a runny nose.

In the traditional Islamic medical texts of Al-Jawziyya, we can find numerous references to the "four elements" of fire, water, air, and earth, and how these affect the body in adverse ways. In particular, we are advised to stay away from drafts and to protect our heads in wind, breezes, drafts, and cold weather. All outdoor workers should wear some sort of head covering for this reason.

Protecting the head is even more important in warm weather. V.G. Rocine, a prominent brain research specialist, has found that brain phosphorus melts at 108 degrees; a temperature that can be easily reached if one stays under the hot sun for any length of time without a head covering. When this happens, irreversible brain damage, memory loss and loss of some brain functions can result. Although this example is extreme, brain damage can still be measured in small degrees from frequent exposure to and overheating of the head. Bernard Jensen, a naturopath and chiropractor, states that this is because the brain runs on the mineral phosphorus, which is very effected by heat.

Last, but not least, a veil or head covering should be worn by all public workers serving society to ensure cleanliness and purity. Workers in a number of professions wear "veils" - nurses, fast food workers, deli counter workers, restaurant workers and servers, doctors, health care providers, and many more. In fact, when we compare the number of workers who cover their heads to the number who do not, we find that more people probably cover their heads than do not.

By Karima Burns( --klik to read more

Monday, May 10, 2010

tahniah A.F.U 2010

percussion mmg sentiasa mantap...
suara no komen...
mest ust amin dah buat yg terbaik...

p/s: tp sy plg suka batch AFU spm05 ^^

Friday, May 7, 2010

..::inb0x FasA 2::..


kali ni yg bertemakan sahabat..
jom amik iktibar...

"Saat sendirian, aku merindui keriangan teman2ku, Terdetik alangkah baiknya jika mereka ada bersamaku kini, bertemu dalam halaqah penuh mahabbah, dan inzar peringantan serta pengisian jiwa..."
~kak ibah_myfam - kmph15/7/2008

"ikhlas dari naluriku, ..aku rindu jiwa2 yang sering mendidikku, berkongsi masalah denganku, berselisih pendapat denganku, memujukku, bergurau denganku, & meniup semangat kepadaku...ku mohon padaMuagar kau kuatkanlah ukhwah antara jiwa2 kami...krn jiwa ini yang sentiasa menjadikan rindu padaMu tumbuh dalam perjuangn Islam.."

"Dalam kita berukhwah kerana Allah, pasti hati akan diuji, terkadang hingga diri tertunduk lemah, betapa kerdilnya diri dihadapan Allah,tak mampu keseorangan dalammelayari kehidupan... Perlukan teman penyuluh perjalanan yang kabur... itulah perlunya ikatan persahabatan..."
~ida_myfam - kmph - 13/2/2009

"Sahabat...dikau hadiah berharga dari Allah buatku...kita diikat teguh dgn tali aqidah..pastinya xkan terlerai buat selamanya.. rindu sesama kita dititipkan melalui doa pada Rabb..moga rindu dan kasih ini termeterai hingga ke syurga..."
~unknown no.- 18/9/09

~p/s: da mengantuk....

Sunday, May 2, 2010

..::iNb0x FasA 1::..


tadi buka inbox---baca msg2 ni... dah lama tersimpan...sayang nak delete ....maybe org yg bg msj ni pon dah x igt.....jom layan..

Kisah cawan yang cantik, asalnya dari tanah liat yang kotor, pernah kau berfikir betapa sakitnya dibentuk, dibakar, dicat, kemudian dibakar lagi..sakit!!!

namun tak siapa yang peduli. dia terkejut melihat dirinya berubah cantik dan dipamerkan ditempatyang mulia..namun sayang, mereka hanya mengkagumi kecantikannya dari luaran & tidak berminat mengikuti proses pembentukannya.
Sahabat,kita ditarbiah dgn cara yang berbeza, NAMUN ARAH KITA SAMA, RASUL DAN NABI DIUJI DENGAN TARBIAH BERBEZA tetapi diseru umatnya dalam TALI PEGANGAN YANG SAMA.
~ zuraidah nasution-kmph-22/10/2007

Alihkan matamu ke laut, airnya cantik membiru & penuh ketenangan, tapi hanya Allah sahaja yang tahu rahsia didalamnya,,,,
begitulah juga dgn kehidupan manusia, riang dan ketawa , tapi hanya Allah yang tahu rahsia hidupnya,...
jika rasa kecawa, pandanglah ke sungai, airnya tetap mengalir biarpun berjuta batu menghalang...
jika bersedih pandanglah ke langit, ....kamu akan sedar bahawa Allah akan sentiasa bersamamu...
~Syarifah fadhilah- Tahapian-2/11/2007

Lena dalam iman, bangun nnt dalam aman, ...jangan lupa syhdah, bangkit nnt alhamdulillah....Hidup meniti arus ujian, kita mungkin kalah mungkin menang.namun org mukmin xkan lari dari kesilapan...hati2 kemudi laluan, jangan tersasar arah...kpd Allah jua kita berserah.."inna ma'al 'usri yusra"(sesungguhnya bersama kesusahan ialah kesenangan)

Andai kita menghitung semula usaha kita, mgkn kita x mampu tersenyum....namun bila kita mengenangkan rahmat dan kasih sayang Allah terhadap hambaNya, senyumlah.....yakinlah...dan teruskan berdoa.. Lakukan yg terbaik.Ma'an najah fil imtihan, fid dunnia wal akhirah
~kak nasibah jamil-kmph-8/11/2007

Tidakkah engkau mengetahui bahawa Tuhanmu memiliki kekuasaan yang tanpa batas....baik skrg mahupun dahulu... lepaskan dirimu dari kesedihan..sbb tiada satu pon yg terus menetap.. Demikian pula dgn kesedihanmu..xmgkn akn terus menerus berlanjutan... Infakkan diri & harta pada jalan Allah. Perjuangn menuntut segala pengorbanan dan keseluruhan kekuatan. mudahan setelah ini..Allah akan melihat engkau dgn penglihatan yang penuh rahmat...

"Pemuda Islam diumpamakan seperti air. Hendaklah sentiasa mengalir bergerak dari hulu ke hilir.. jangan dibiar bertakung di dalam bekas..nnt akn busuk dan tercemar..."
~unknown number-28/4/2008

"Man solla subha fi jama'atin, fa kaan nama solla laila kullaha-siape yg solat subuh berjemaah, pahala seakan dia telah solat qiam sepanjang malam"-HR Muslim
~unknown number-14/7/2008

"bekunya air mata daripada kerasnya hati, kerasnya hati dari banyaknya dosa, banyaknya dosa dari lupanya mati, lupanya mati kerana cintakan dunia..Moga istiqamah dlm ibadah.....
~unknown number-12/8/2008

Thursday, April 15, 2010

TAHAP kembali sinar.^^

Bang, berhenti kat sekolah sebelum masjid besar tu ye..” Pintaku kepada abang driver metrobus.

Sekolah mane?” Tanya abang driver tadi, mungkin keliru disebabkan ada dua buah sekolah sebelum Masjid besar itu.

“Sekolah TAHAP” Jawab saya.

Ketika itu hujan turun renyai-renyai....

Setelah sampai di hadapan SMKA TAHAP saya dan Firdaus turun dari bas. Jam lebih kurang pukul 11 malam waktu itu, kami meredah kesejukan malam ditambah dengan hujan renyai-renyai itu masuk ke SMKA TAHAP.

Kami aturkan langkah kami yang agak lesu terus ke Asrama putera setelah membuat panggilan kepada sahabat saya yang berada di bilik Ketua Umum ketika itu.

Di asrama sudah menunggu dua orang sahabat saya Shafie dan Syed.

“Habis kecoh satu sekolah sebab kita.” Sahabat saya menceritakan situasi sekolah disebabkan kehadiran kami kali ini.

“haha… takpe.. rileks.. kita setup nanti” Jawab saya ringkas kerana sudah dimaklumkan sebelum ini.



sumber : Syahir Safwan Ahmad Suhaimi

p/s:itulah harapanku...itulah impianku...semoga TAHAP kembali bersinar dengan biah solehah ^^

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

..::di sebalik kemerapuan::..


exam dah dekat..
sgt2 hampir...

rasa mcm tiap2 hari nak borak ngn mak...
kata2 semangat dari mak...
bisa membuat diri ni bangun..
tapi weekend je mak ade kat rumah,...
hanya skali seminggu dpt ym dgn mak...
perasaan mcm ni suka datang bila exam dah sejengkal...
benci utk layan homesick bukan aku seorg je yang ada perasaan ni...
yati..fatiha...kauthar(die ade blog tp die suh rahsiakan..hehe).fatin..iman...
camane ngn dieorg ek??
sama2 homesick atau berpura2 cool..
hehe...entry apa ntah ni...
sudah tidak brape betul agaknye empunya blog ni...

aku suka tgk blog ni... medicalclick...--sila klik
boleh nampak kesatuan dlm batch ni...
pikir sejenak...apa yang membuat kite bersatu yek?
em....sbb kita ade satu hadaf...
satu impian..
satu matlamat...
kita semua bekerjasama utk mengejar kejayaan dlm imtihan...
itu utk jangka masa pendek..
utk jangka masa panjang...ilmu inilah yang akan dipraktikkan dlm alam kerjaya nanti...

utk satu pencapaian yang terbaik...
kita sanggup bekerjasama...
yup...apa yang penting??....kerjasama....
ego diketepikan....selfish juga dibuang jauh2...
kita cuba utk saling melengkapi atr satu sama lain..
sentiasa bersangka baik sesama teman....
optimis dlm sesuatu perkara...
sentiasa senyum...
memberi salam..
solat berjemaah bersama...
menjaga ikhtilat / pergaulan
semua ni ptg utk menjaga kesatuan batch...

tertarik dgn kata2 pengerusi PCT yang saya baca dari blog along..

"kita semua menjaga kesatuan...bukannya persatuan"

saya mula merapu lagi...

rindu suasana belajar masa kat matrik dulu...
teringat kerenah rakan satu group masa praktikal....Chan & Chua....
brilliant student...
banyak perkara yang aku belajar dari mereka berdua...
walau berbeza agama...but we respect each other...
open minded...
mereka sgt2 punctual!!
setiap kali kene buat report...
aku akan cuba siapkan seawal mungkin...
gara2 aku tidak mahu dipandang rendah oleh mereka..
kerana aku bawa imej agama & bangsa!!
knp sekarang aku dah x punctual...
kalau buat apa2 mesti lambat siap
bak kata org "di sini"...
"tempias dari egyption"
heh...boleh terima ker..
em...tanya diri sendiri
kesalahan sendiri jgn tuding pada org lain..
*ilmuan berbakti teguh sehati*
*julang thaqafah bakti dicurah*
*sambung study*
*it's safe to turn of ur computer & study*

suasana malam di KMPh


Friday, March 19, 2010

pr0m0si musim bunga (*_^)

nampak tak ada 2 gambar carpet coklat kat ats ni??
panjang=2.4m ; lebar=2m
60le je.. =)
harga sebenar 80le
pemilik baru guna 2 bln je..
lau berminat boleh hubungi +2 0112898502 (mesir sahaja yer )

Monday, March 15, 2010

Adakah ini SANTAPAN di kala senggang??


mari sama2 memuhasabah diri..
senang jer..
tidak perlu lihat orang lain...
lihatlah pada diri sendiri...
jgn tuding pada org lain..
kerana lg 4 jari menghala ke diri sendiri..
sama2 koreksi diri..
adakah makanan di atas adalah santapan kita setiap hari?
tepuk dada, tanya iman di hati...

p/s:lbh ditujukan utk diri sendiri...

salam...senyum...sangka baik =)

Friday, February 26, 2010

iklan utk kempen biah solehah (2)

iklan utk kempen biah solehah (1)

salam maulidur rasul =)
sollu 'alan nabi...

skrg kempen biah solehah di bumi Mansurah..
jom laksanakan !! (^_*)

jom layan iklan2 ni...
amiklah iktibar...

to be continue...

Monday, February 8, 2010



lama dah x update...sebulan skali.. :)

alhamdulillah...midyear dah lepas...mari sama2 doakan yg terbaik...tawakkal ilaAllah... sebelum exam haritu dah jalankan SC(smart circle) yg ke2...bertempat di Bait Badar 313..
hehe..beit sendiri...x sangka ruang tamu ni luas kne renovate skit la...

SC gabungn yg ke2 membincangkan saya mestilah islam dari sudut Akidah dan kehidupan Rasullullah sebelum dibangkitkan menjadi Rasul...Student figure pada kali ni adalah kak tasnim yg menyampaikan tajuk H1N1 dan cara mencegah...sbb masa ni dah masuk musim, flu ni cpt merebak melalui udara..dan di mesir flu ni seolah2 baru berkembg...mybe uk fasa ke2...skrg mcm mane ek?macam dah senyap jer...

ada junior yg tanya...kak,kenapa kene join SC?
okeyh....adik2 yg dikasihi sekalian...
Sc ni kita adakan bukanlah utk suka suki je...Sc ni dijalankan ada matlamat jangka pendek dan panjang(telah dijelaskan oleh kak syamilah sms Intro SC 09/10)...ade kebaikannye..dan atas rase kewajipan sbg mahasiswa muslim telah menuntut senior2 ni rela utk menjadi mentor...yup...kewajipan sbg seorg muslim...kerana Sc adalah cabang usaha dalam "amar ma'ruf, nahi munkar"..

bunyinya macam berat je Sc ni kan...macam terlampau syadid..hehe..tidak sama sekali...
adik-adikku sekalian...
pendekatan dalam Sc x semestinya duduk dalam halaqah dan membicarakan kitab2 agama.... ada sesetengah junior yg mindsetnye macam tu,tapi x boleh nak salahkan mereka...mungkin pendedahan "usrah" masa sekolah dulu hanya membicarakan perkara2 ilmiah sahaja...sebenarnye, Sc ni boleh dijalankan dgn macam2 cara...contohnye seperti riadah+game+ziarah+makan2+jaulah+study group etc..

Ikatan atara mentor dan mentee dalam Sc ni seolah-olah bukanlah ikatan antara senior dan junior...tetapi kemanisan ukhwah yg wujud telah melahirkan suasana antara seorang adik dan kakak...macam dalam adik beradik...kalau ada masalah boleh kongsi sama2...kalau ade apa2 perkara yg nak minta tolong boleh diajukan kpd kakak mentor

Ada lg yg bertanya: kak, best tak Sc nie?

adik manis sekalian..
Sc ni sgt best...yg ptg kita ikhlas dan enjoy...byk benefit yg blh kita ambil...antaranya(dr blog upi)

Antara kelebihan yang boleh dapati:

-Berkenalan dengan sahabat lebih rapat. Belajar cara berinteraksi dan bersosial secara terbimbing.
-Menambahkan kefahaman anda tentang Islam dan kehidupan. Sebagai bekalan diri anda sendiri.
-Mendapat skill-skill study dari para mentor untuk study dengan lebih mantap.
-Mendapat bahan dan info akademik secara terus dari unit akademik melalui Smart Circle.
-Mendapat info-info keselamatan secara terus terutamanya tentang kes-kes semasa.
-Penerangan jelas tentang isu-isu semasa dari sumber yang tepat.
-Mengasah mana-mana bakat anda yang terpendam yang mungkin tidak dapat dilakukan secara bersendirian.
-Anda mendapat layanan aduan yang istimewa dari mentor anda. Semua masalah boleh dikhabarkan kepada mentor.
-Belajar mengatur dan mengisi masa dengan perkara yang berfaedah.

Dan kalau adik2 semua nak tahu...mentor juga dapat byk benefit dr program Sc ni...
Secara tak langsung "win-win" situation wujud antara mentor dan mentee... dan secara tak langsung adik2 semua telah membantu mentor2 utk meningkatkan prestasi masing2... thanks yer adik2ku sekalian...terutama adik Scku--adik2 D4--

erm...kalau nak bincang benefit Sc sahaja mungkin x blh tidur mlm ni...sangat banyak...
yg ptg semua kene mainkan peranan masing2...kalau mentor plan macam2 tp adik2 x bagi kerjasama...pastinya Sc xkan berjalan lancar...dan kalau adik2 mentee tidak pula bg akak mentor... Sc tdk akn berkesan...

Jadinye...semua ada tanggugjawab masing2 utk menjayakan Sc...jom sama2 kita jayakan Sc!!

Nak kongsi suatu fakta..igt lg tak pada adik Nik Nur Madihah,pelajar Spm terbaik 2008...
Seorang anak nelayan dan dgn kejayaannya dia tlh membuktikan bahawa usrah ini penting ..
Dia pernah menjadi naqibat(ketua) sms form 4...Padanya..ia adalah pengalaman yg penuh ilmu,dapat melatih die utk berinteraksi dengan baik..,usrah telah menguruskan emosi remajanya dengan baik,dan bila dia tenang..semua masalah nampak kecil.Dia tidak nampak cacat celanya menjadi anak nelayan ketika duduk bersama dengan anak doktor @ pensyarah.Kerana usrah telah memahamkan dirinya bahawa :

"Sesungguhnya yang paling mulia di sisi Allah ialah orang yang paling bertaqwa"

~apa kabar ye adik2 D4? sihatkah kalian?sudah makan kah?tgh bercuti ke??~

-Sc stand for Smart Circle...lbh krg mcm Study Circle kat UIA
-Student figure adalah student yg telah dipilih utk memberi pengisian berkenaan dgn study@ akedemik...
-SC Gabungan adalah gabungn Sc utk semua rumah dalam satu imarah...cth: Sc gabungan blog D

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

untuk "akhi" {}

~haish~...tetiba ade gambar org laki dlm blog nie...
~boleh menimbulkan fitnah...haha~bg mereka yg tidak mengenali~
~sanah helwa ya akhi.....14 jan...
~dah tue...
~nak kakak ipar!!!!!!!!!!