Thursday, February 12, 2009

..::tagged by dr Iman::..

since tagged ni seolah2 merebak dgn pantasnye dalam arena blog...aku x taula ape faedahnye... but after doing dis...feel like muhasabah diri smule =) ..sbb kita remind smule ape yg telah kita lakukan pada masa2 yg lalu... being optimis =)

tagged from dr iman

1.What have you been doing recently?
*finished watching patch adam movie
2.Do you ever turn your cell phone off?
*yea.when my battery was very low during journey
3.What happened at 10am today?
*cooking~it's my turn today~
4.When did you last cry?
*just now.while watching patch adam.
5.Believe in fate/destiny?
*perhaps.setiap yg berlaku ade hikmahnye....
6.What do you want in your life now?
7.Do you carry an umbrella when it rains or just put up your hood?
*when its rain...i'm at home~sudahla mesir ni jarang hujan...tym ujan je ade kat umah =)~.
8.What's your favourite thing to do on the bed?
*cover myself under my lihaf & my 'jantung'~kaberto knew this~
9.What bottoms are you wearing now?
*jubah malam...haha
10.What's the nicest things in your inbox?
*wishing from my mom on my befday : Happy birthday sayang mak..Belajarlah semampunya..jangan tension..~yea....enjoy studying~
11.Do you tend to make the relationship complicated?
12.Are you wearing anything borrowed from anyone?
*just now...going to 'abang' shop wearing cek tehah's sendle =)
13.What was the last movie you caught?
*em...patch adam...b4 that watching hanakimi for second tym cek tin =)
14.What are you proud of?
*my pride.~same wif dr iman~
15.What does the oldest text msg in your inbox say?
*from along tahapian @ maizatul nazira bt mohd nazir @ naib pengerusi PAI masa aku form 2 : Kekasih pilihan Allah dihadiahi dugaan tanda kasihNya.tak dibiar lena dalam dakapan lazat melimpah tapi dihidang keperitan, susah dan payah yang tiada sudahnye...(1/9/2007)
16.What was the last song you sang out loud?
*adakan kau lupa~satu umah denga kot~
17.Do you have any nicknames?
*wana../.cek wan(kaberto).../.syaz(ade gak org panggil aku camni tym kat kmph dulu)./..wardah../..safwah(spesel nickname tuk org arab)
18.What does the newest text say?
*k.hanis shifuddin:ade meetg UPI 13 feb kul 10 pg~kalo xde aral sy datang la kak ea...hehe~
19.What time did you go to bed last night?
*12 am++..after finishing hanakimi...betulkan cek tin
20.Are you currently happy?
*hate to express the'm always happy ...perhaps....~something like pinochio..hehe~
21.Who gives you the best advise?
*of mom.
22.Do you eat whipped cream straight from the can?
* mannered..haha
23.Who did you talk on the phone last night?
*Natasya Anis frend at cairo
24.Is something bugging you now?
*dunno...maybe yes...
25.Who was the last person to make you laugh?
*kaberto =)~there are another 5 persons in kaberto...cek man..cek tin...cek thar...cek yat...cek teh =)
26. tagging..
*can it just stop here?? ~haha..kejamnye aku ni~(kalo ade yg nak wat sila2lah)

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